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Bridgeto AS is a Norway-based company founded by a team of dedicated partners.
Our primary focus is to facilitate the seamless matching of IT demand and IT providers for businesses. Whether it’s finding solutions for large-scale projects or tackling small tasks, we excel in locating the ideal partners to develop custom software solutions or drive comprehensive IT transformations.

At Bridgeto, we are committed to bridging the gap between countries and cultures in the realm of IT business and technologies. We firmly believe that with the right people, businesses can soar to new heights of success.

Passion drives us. We never cease to learn and grow, continuously honing our expertise to ensure that our clients are not just satisfied, but achieve resounding success.

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Lina Petrauske

Principal and "go2market" consultant Lina is highly skilled professional with 20+ years of experience, from which 10+ years in Scandinavia. With a degree in International Business and Law, Lina has extensive knowledge and expertise in marketing and "go2market" strategy, project/program/product management, negotiations and contracts. She focuses on clear expectations and delivering results. Lina's skills have been honed through various business development assignments in IT outsourcing and banking. Her motto is "The difference between skill and knowledge is in effective usage of what you know"

Kestutis Tomkevicius

Meet Kestutis, a seasoned IT business consultant with over 15 years of experience in system and integration development, project management, design, architecture, and application and data integration. With certifications in Certified Data Management Professional, Scrum Master, ITIL, and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Kestutis offers a unique perspective and personalized solutions to every project. He is committed to helping businesses achieve their IT goals in Norway and is dedicated to providing guidance to help businesses thrive in the competitive Norwegian IT market.

Dainius Figoras

Dainius Figoras, an accomplished professional with over 20 years of experience in the dynamic field of IT. As a visionary leader and entrepreneur, Dainius Figoras has successfully started few companies and with a diverse background and a proven track record, he have left influential mark in projects, he have worked in. Currently serving as a technical advisor, CTO and senior consultant, Dainius Figoras brings extensive technical expertise and strategic insights to the table, driving innovation and delivering impactful solutions. His vast experience spans across various domains, allowing him to navigate the complexities of different industries with ease. From offshore to healthcare, Dainius Figoras has collaborated with numerous organizations, providing invaluable guidance and empowering them to leverage technology effectively. With a profound understanding of market trends and emerging technologies, he consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of each client.

Ruta Zakarauskaite

Introducing Ruta Zakarauskaite: A Marketer and Communicator Extraordinaire Over the years, she has worked on developing her skills in marketing communications that engages and inspires the audience. Her expertise covers a wide range of areas, including Marketing Strategies, Social Media and Inbound Marketing, Visual and Written Content, Paid Ads, Lead Generation, Digital Project Management, Event Marketing, and Community Building. Her diverse cultural background as a Lithuanian-Icelandic who has been living in Norway for 10 years allows her to bring a fresh international perspective to the Norwegian market, while also understanding the local market. Her passion for traveling, culture, art, and communication helps her in building connections and nurturing relationships that transcend borders internationally. She is excited to contribute to your brand through marketing and communication. With her extensive knowledge and skill set, she is ready to create captivating campaigns and strategies that will elevate your brand and engage your target audience. Collaborate with Ruta Zakarauskaite today and witness the transformational power of effective marketing and communication.

Mark Buchanan

Introducing Mark Buchanan: Highly experienced tech startup founder, innovator, advisor and investor. Have experience the entire process from idea to invention to startup establishment to market. My experiences have led me to established a wide spectrum of skills: leadership, cultivating a vision, innovation management, business and technology development strategy and management, communication between all stakeholders, outsourcing, procurement, contract negotiation, project initiation and execution, IPR strategy and management, market research, product pricing, private and public funding. From a technical/academic perspective; I have a PhD in physics and an ability to understand and communicate complex concepts and technologies. Have lived in Norway 20y and have experienced all aspects of the challenges of establishing companies and doing business in Norway. Have a strong focus on global reach and internationalization of products/technology. Love working in cross-cultural environments and have a broad-based international network. I'm a passionate foodie and traveller.

Kjell Erling Kvitberg

Meet Kjell Erling Kvitberg who is an ideal consultant for companies looking to outsource. He has extensive experience and track record of delivering big IT changes on time and within budget through multicultural teams. Kjell Erling is an inspiring leader with a "getting things done" attitude who is passionate about business improvement and value growth. He has gained extensive skills in IT, oil & gas, production, and public sectors. His results are impressive.

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