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Lina Petrauske





From beginning in 2009, Lina provided consultancy services to multiple companies in Norway, specializing in IT services outsourcing, procurement, and project management. As a consultant, Lina helped her clients identify their IT needs, select vendors based on specific criteria, and execute negotiations.

Lina played a key role in managing several transition projects for her clients, ensuring that they were completed on time, within budget, and met the desired outcomes. She conducted thorough due diligence, prepared reports on project risks and status, and implemented vendor management systems to ensure efficient project delivery.

In addition to her project management responsibilities, Lina also provided valuable insight to her clients by conducting a “sanity check” on their overall IT change processes, ensuring that any proposed changes were feasible and aligned with the client’s strategic objectives.

Led a team of 10+ project managers to execute multiple IT migration projects for implementing the Service Management application across more than 50 Nordic accounts.

Coordinated progra planning, resource allocation, risk management, know-how sharing, and progress tracking to ensure program completion within the agreed timelines and budget.

Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams, including IT engineers, service delivery teams, and customer account managers, to ensure requirements were met, and customer satisfaction was achieved.

Conducted regular status updates, progress reports, and risk assessments to keep stakeholders informed and aligned.

In 2007, Lina Petrauske was assigned a project to develop and implement a “Go to Market” strategy for SEB Vilniaus bankas, aimed at bridging services from Lithuania to Ireland and acquiring clients who were interested in purchasing property in Lithuania but working and living in Ireland. The bank did not intend to invest in permanent legal establishment in Ireland or develop new technology. Lina conducted a market analysis, created a comprehensive strategy, proposed the project scope, deliverables, team, budget, and deadlines.

The project included analyzing the legal framework, creating a new service delivery process, establishing temporary consulting offices with traveling consultants, and identifying long-term partners. Together with the business development department and external legal advisers, they developed a strategy based on legal limitations, EU taxation rules, market size, and the specifics of the target client group in Ireland. The project also involved establishing a special product, special delivery process, and running temporarily consulting offices in different cities in Ireland, advertising and communication campaigns, representing the bank locally, and making a partnership contract with a mortgage brokerage company. A special motivation system for sales managers was executed within the project scope. The solution was built with minimum legal risk and without investing in technology changes.

The resulting module was successfully implemented and operated until the onset of the global mortgage loans crisis in early 2009.

About the client

SEB Vilniaus bankas is a commercial bank in Lithuania founded in 1990, now SEB bankas and a member of the Swedish SEB banking group Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken since 2000. In 2008, the bank was one of the two largest banks in Lithuania, along with Hansabank (now Swedbank).

In 2003, Lina had the privilege of working as a quality manager in the Credit Cards department of Hansabankas (now Swedbank). At the time, credit cards were not widely used in Lithuania, with only 12,000 cards for a population of over 3 million. Lina and her team recognized the potential for growth and decided to take on the challenge of creating a new strategy for the credit card business.

Together, they conducted thorough market and competitor analysis and collaborated with different departments of the bank to create new credit card products with additional services. They also worked closely with partners such as Visa and Mastercard to ensure the project’s success.

Thanks to the collective effort of everyone involved, the sales results exceeded expectations in the first year, and the strategy remained successful for several years. It was a great experience for Lina to lead a team that made a positive impact on the credit card industry in Lithuania.

About the client

Swedbank, AB (formerly Hansabankas, Hansa-LTB) is a Lithuanian commercial bank founded in 1999 and a member of the Swedish Swedbank banking group since 2020. Along with SEB Bank, it was one of the two largest banks in Lithuania.