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Head of Transition


IT Managment for Hire

In 2016, Kjell Erling played a critical role in helping Nokas achieve operational stabilization and enable outsourcing through the establishment of a solid baseline. As a key player in this initiative, Kjell acted as a critical resource during a time of significant change for the company.

Through his expertise and guidance, Kjell helped Nokas navigate a range of complex issues related to outsourcing, including the development of a robust governance framework and the establishment of a solid foundation for ongoing operations. His ability to identify and manage critical situations in real-time, combined with his deep industry knowledge, were essential to the success of this project.

ALTUS AS/ Akker Solutions

Strategic IT Carve Out Manager

In his role at Aker/Altus, Kjell Erling led a critical initiative to carve out a new, standalone company from the AkerSolution oil service firm for the private equity firm, EQT. This complex undertaking involved several key components, including the selection of IT and HR solutions, the carve-out of IT systems, and the establishment of a robust governance framework.

As a seasoned leader with extensive experience in this field, Kjell effectively managed this process from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and successful transition for all stakeholders involved. His deep understanding of the intricacies of the industry and his ability to manage multiple moving parts were essential to the successful execution of this initiative.


Archer AS Account Transition

Kjell Erling played a pivotal role in securing a major new account for IBM, negotiating a comprehensive contract valued at 40 million NOK over five years. This ambitious undertaking involved a full scope transformation of the IT services provided, including the transition from the incumbent provider to a new global delivery model operating out of the Czech Republic and Poland.

In his capacity as a leader, Kjell successfully spearheaded a transition team of 30 people, implementing a global governance framework and ensuring the successful establishment of business-as-usual (BAU) operations. His deep knowledge of the industry, combined with his exceptional project management skills, were critical to the success of this high-profile initiative.


SAPA Account Delivery Manager

During his tenure as a SAPA account Delivery Manager at IBM, Kjell Erling led a significant transformation effort that brought together multiple regional and independent IT services into a standardized global integrated delivery model. This complex initiative involved the implementation of several massive technology changes, which Kjell successfully navigated to ensure a smooth transition.

One of Kjell’s most notable achievements was the creation of a follow-the-sun delivery model for a 24/7 operation supporting 53 factories spanning from China in the east to the US in the west. This required exceptional management skills and a deep understanding of the complexities involved in managing such a geographically dispersed operation.

Throughout these initiatives, Kjell effectively led a team of 100 full-time employees, leveraging his strong leadership skills to drive results and ensure the successful implementation of these critical projects.


Outsourcing Infrastructure Systems Competency Manager for Nordics

In the early 2000s, Kjell Erling spearheaded the construction and implementation of two cutting-edge tier 4 strategic data centers in Stockholm for IBM. This involved a complex migration process of 16 data centers to these new, state-of-the-art facilities.

Beginning in 2005, Kjell Erling with a team successfully managed the relocation process while ensuring uninterrupted operations were maintained.

His expertise in this area was invaluable to the project’s success.


NIT (Norsk Informasjonsteknologi) Head of IT Department

In his role as a change leader, Kjell Erling was instrumental in transforming a sprawling application operation department located throughout Norway into a unified, fully automated operation. This was a massive undertaking that required extensive restructuring and standardization efforts to be implemented successfully.

In addition, Kjell Erling made significant contributions to the company’s technological advancements by implementing the first-ever XML invoice system for subscribed clients. This innovative solution helped streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase overall efficiency.

Kjell’s expertise and visionary leadership played a critical role in the successful implementation of these initiatives.