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How trustful are business partners from Lithuania to Norwegians?

Trust is a complex issue in any business relationship and depends on many factors, such as prior experience, reputation, and communication. There is no general answer to how trustworthy Lihuanian business partners are to Norwegians as it can vary from case to case. However, both Norway and Lithuania are known for having a high standard of ethics and transparency in business, so this can be a foundation for building trust in a partnership. When forming a business partnership, it’s important to consider cultural differences and find ways to bridge the gap.

Here are 5 Business Culture Aspects to have in Mind:

  1. Communication style: Lithuanians are known for being direct and to the point, while Norwegians tend to be more indirect in their communication. 
  2. Hierarchy: Lithuanian business culture tends to have a more hierarchical structure, while Norway values equality and flat organizational structures. 
  3. Time orientation: Lithuanians are generally more punctual, while Norwegians tend to be less strict with time. 
  4. Working culture: Equality and non-discrimination are core values in Norway. In Lithuania by fact “young and successful cult” of working culture was developing during the last 20 years.  Thus, companies from Lithuania should take deep care that agism, nepotism, favoritism, and other discriminatory factors are having no place in daily working culture. Norwegian companies partnering with Lithuanian companies, must be more open in raising and discussing these matters more directly, and clearly in case of need.
  5. Ethical values: Very often Norwegian business is using many layers of consulting services. Consultants are working with consultants, and the one delivering the final service might never be able to reach the end client. The end client’s satisfaction is the core in evaluating the success or failure of delivery. This is not a usual practice in Lithuania; thus, it is important to learn to cooperate. To have long lasting partnership, to be trustful, deliver high quality results to the end client and not breach Norwegian ethical values of partnership is the core skill to obtain.  

By taking these cultural differences into consideration and making a conscious effort to understand and respect each other’s cultural norms, the two parties can work together effectively and build a strong, trustworthy business relationship.


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