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Navigating networking and market entry to Norway by Bridge to Norway

Navigating the New Normal of Networking and Market Entry: A Three-Phase Bridge to Norway Approach

In the fast-paced world of sales, goals are set high for sales teams, but what about the delivery goals of managers themselves? Recent months in Oslo unveiled a curious trend. Networking events of various types came and went, but it was the gatherings during Oslo Innovation Week that truly piqued our interest.

The New Normal of Networking and Client Acquisition in 2024

These events provided a window into the world of companies venturing to Oslo in search of new opportunities. However, an interesting observation emerged from the shadows of Norway’s reputation as an expensive country—top-level management representatives were the main attendees. This year, the Pakistani embassy organized a tech event that made it easier to spot IT companies from that country.

But the diversity didn’t stop there; companies from the Baltic countries, Greece, Spain, and Turkey also graced these occasions. Various chambers of commerce hosted meetups to connect businesses and potential clients. It was intriguing, yet somewhat disheartening to notice that many potential clients didn’t fully explore these opportunities.

Why, you ask? It’s a mix of factors. Do they need new technologies? Are they overwhelmed by information and offers? Or perhaps it’s a matter of cultural reservation, with people seeking connections elsewhere, or maybe not seeking them at all, adopting an attitude of “If I wait long, it will come to me anyway.” In my opinion, it’s a bit of all these factors.

So, what’s the challenge? How do we bridge the gap between companies with exciting projects, applications, and resources and those who genuinely need them? We need a plan, a well-defined path that tells us where to go, what to explore, and whom to meet. It may sound simple, but getting companies to come, listen, and take action is a different ballgame.

It’s not always clear whether the companies I encountered have a networking strategy in place—some do, some don’t. Are companies with a networking strategy more successful than those without one? The answer isn’t clear-cut, as success depends on execution and defining the right goals.

The takeaway here is that networking undoubtedly has its merits, but it’s time to rethink our strategies in this age of advanced technologies. The world is changing, and our approach to networking and client acquisition must evolve with it.

Unlocking New Markets: A Three-Phase Bridge to Norway Approach for Success

At Bridge to Norway, we’re committed to making your mark in the Norwegian market seamless, adaptable, and scalable. Our market entry services are designed to align perfectly with your unique objectives. If your initial approach needs refinement, we’re always open to exploring alternatives tailored to your goals.

Phase 1: Market Research and Analysis

Our journey starts with a solid foundation of understanding your target market, including product attributes, customer segments, pricing strategies, distribution channels, sales and marketing plans, and competitor analysis.

Outcome: In-depth analysis and understanding of the market, helping us adjust strategy plans accordingly, all while keeping the right targets and timeframes in sight.

Phase 2: Setting Go-to-Market Strategy

The next step involves crafting a clear roadmap to introduce your products to the Norwegian market. It includes product offerings, client segments, pricing and distribution strategies, sales and marketing plans, timelines, and measurable milestones.

Outcome: A well-guided path to market penetration, including adapted sales materials, effective channels, and robust measurement and analytics.

Phase 3: Plan Strategy Execution

In this phase, we’re prepared to execute the strategy. Our vision includes representing your business in Norway through marketing communication, connecting with potential clients, showcasing your products, participating in trade shows, and establishing your presence in the Norwegian market.

Estimated Duration: 3-12 months, depending on the strategy plan and agreements.

Estimated Chargeable Hours: Specific to each company, product, and service. The usual scope for Phase 1 is 100 chargeable hours denoting price per product/service, Phase 2 is 90 chargeable hours, with potential additional costs for purchasing data if needed, and Phase 3 depends on the strategy and further agreements.

The path to success lies in defined goals and a well-executed strategy. At Bridgeto, we’re committed to ensuring your successful entry into the Norwegian market. Ready to take the next step? Let’s make it happen!

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