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Verified IT provider

Our Verified IT Service Provider service is designed to elevate your IT company’s reputation and open doors to new opportunities. By undergoing a rigorous review and verification process, you gain a distinct advantage in the competitive market.

Comprehensive Review and Verification: We conduct a thorough assessment of your IT company, scrutinizing key aspects such as expertise, track record, and client satisfaction. This evaluation ensures that you meet our stringent quality standards, providing potential clients with confidence in your capabilities.

Listing on our Website: Once verified, your IT company will be featured prominently on our reputable platform. This listing showcases your expertise, services, and contact information, increasing your visibility among potential clients and partners.

Access to Bid Opportunities: As a Verified IT Service Provider, you gain exclusive access to bid on projects and collaborations. Our platform connects you with relevant opportunities, enabling you to expand your client base and secure valuable contracts.

Feature Relevant and Valuable Articles in Our Communication Channels: Unlock the power of knowledge sharing with our service that allows you to showcase 4-8 carefully curated and industry-specific articles across our LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Additionally, elevate your expertise as presenters during matchmaking events, where you can engage audiences firsthand with insightful discussions.

By becoming a Verified IT Service Provider, you establish trust in your brand, gain exposure, and unlock a multitude of business prospects. Join our network of trusted providers and position your IT company for success

Extended Market Entry Consulting

Embarking on the journey to offer your IT services in the Norwegian market requires careful planning and meticulous preparation. At Bridgeto, we recognize the significance of making a positive impression right from the start. That’s why we provide comprehensive Market Entry Consulting services to ensure your business is represented in the best possible light.

Comprehensive Audit of Contact Points: We conduct a thorough evaluation of your “Contact Points” to identify areas for improvement. This includes reviewing your web presence, social media profiles, communication style, references, in-person meetings, and presentations. By optimizing these touchpoints, we help you make a lasting and positive impression.

Goal Setting: We work closely with you to establish both short-term and long-term goals. Understanding your aspirations enables us to tailor our strategies and recommendations to align with your vision.

Readiness Review:

  • Information Readiness: We assess the quality and completeness of information available about your business on the web, social media platforms, and case studies.
  • Product/Service Readiness: We review your sales, investor, partner, and proposal pitches, as well as your service and product descriptions, ensuring they effectively showcase your offerings.
  • Delivery Readiness: Our evaluation includes a review of your sales-to-delivery processes, baselining, sourcing processes, organizational structure, and escalation paths.
  • People Readiness: We conduct interviews with key individuals from your sales, delivery, and management teams to gauge their readiness and identify any areas for improvement.
  • Reputation Readiness: We perform reference checks on three selected cases to assess your reputation and validate your track record.

SWOT Analysis: We analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to provide valuable insights for your market entry strategy.

Go-to-Market Strategy: Based on our findings and your goals, we offer expert advice on the most suitable go-to-market strategy. Our recommendations are tailored to maximize your chances of success in the Norwegian market.

Annual Budget Prognosis: We assist you in establishing an annual budget prognosis, taking into account the chosen path and strategy. This helps you align your financial resources with your market entry objectives.

Partner with Bridgeto for comprehensive Market Entry Consulting services, and let us pave the way for your success in the Norwegian market. We are dedicated to ensuring that you make a positive impact and achieve remarkable growth.


Local support

At Bridgeto, we go beyond just providing advice. We offer practical support that helps you improve and successfully approach potential clients, partners, and investors. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that you not only have the right strategies in place but also the necessary assistance to make things happen.

Meeting Organization and Attendance: We take care of organizing meetings and accompany you to ensure a smooth and productive interaction. With our presence, you can confidently navigate discussions and forge meaningful connections.

Networking Opportunities: We identify relevant organizations for you to join as a member and actively represent your interests. This strategic involvement expands your network and enhances your visibility within the industry.

Meeting and Event Preparation: We assist you in preparing for important meetings and events, providing valuable insights and guidance. From crafting impactful presentations to honing your communication skills, we ensure you make a lasting impression.

Access to Essential Information: Depending on your specific requirements, we introduce you to essential information sources. These tailored resources offer insights, regulations, and guidelines necessary for your business operations, all at a fixed price.

Domain Acquisition and Translation Review: We help you secure a Norwegian domain and review translations to ensure accuracy and professionalism. This attention to detail strengthens your brand image and instills trust in your target audience.

Comprehensive Business Services: Our extensive network enables us to connect you with trusted partners who offer a range of essential services. From domain registration, official translations, and accounting services to company establishment, bank account opening, office rental, and headhunting, we assist you in finding the right solutions.

Negotiation Support: We provide expert guidance to help you make informed decisions and represent your interests during negotiations. With our assistance, you can confidently navigate complex discussions and secure favorable outcomes.

Partner with Bridgeto to unlock local support that empowers your business growth. We are dedicated to helping you thrive in the Norwegian market and achieve remarkable success.