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looking for change in IT? new service provider? contract audit? help with selection process?

Determining Requirements

One of the most critical steps in outsourcing work is determining requirements. We can help you define your goals and objectives, identify the scope of work, and establish a clear understanding of the deliverables required to meet your business needs.

Analise current charging baseline for RFP

Group services and scope alternative

Identify optimization opportunities

Identify what can be outsourced, in-sourced, near shored and for how long, other conditions necessary

Creating RFPs for Bidding

Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are a necessary tool for any business looking to solicit competitive bids from vendors. We can help you draft clear and concise RFPs that effectively communicate your requirements to potential vendors, ensuring that you receive high-quality proposals that meet your needs.

Detecting the scope of IT services, we work with

Detect selection criteria

Select the winning proposals evaluation team

Choose the standard contract text from databases

Agree on the bidding channels: open, closed, selected companies

Detecting in which platforms to announce and how to advertise the bid

Issue/ announce the bid (announce in the platforms or send to direct contacts)

Arranging Selection Processes

Selecting the right vendor for your project can be a time-consuming and complicated process. We can help you design and implement an efficient and effective selection process that includes identifying and evaluating potential vendors, conducting due diligence, and making the final selection.

Facilitate Questions and Answers to the bidders 

Facilitate selection team meetings  

Update information of the bid if needed

Review the bids and perform compliance to requirements

Issue clarifying questions to providers if needed, facilitate communication

Perform summary of the proposals received

Assessing Proposals

Evaluating proposals is a critical step in the vendor selection process. We can help you develop an objective and comprehensive proposal assessment methodology that takes into account key factors such as compliance with requirements, technical and business capabilities, and cost-effectiveness.

Analyze baselines/proposals received from providers

Evaluate provider risk

  • Facilitate company’s credibility in publicly available sources
  • On request execute reference check (build the questionnaire, contact people to get references, arrange reference interview meetings between referring company and the client).

Facilitate the final selection meeting of the team

On request help to prepare documentation for different decision making

Contract Negotiating Assistance

Negotiating contracts with vendors can be complex and challenging. Our team has extensive experience in contract negotiations and can help you navigate this process with confidence. We can help you negotiate favorable terms and conditions that align with your business needs and ensure that you are protected against any potential risks.

Facilitate negotiation teamwork and communication

Organize negotiation meetings with clients and  providers.

Lead Technology Optimization and Transformation Changes

This service helps businesses optimize their existing technology and drive transformation through the integration of new technologies and data-driven operational environments.

We take a hands-on approach to scaling and leading the transformation of your services into tomorrow’s solutions, collaborating with your internal teams and external resources to ensure a seamless transition that prioritizes your business objectives.

  1. Review and establish a current baseline through collaboration with your business, and then optimize it with the integration of new technology.
  2. Scale and lead the transformation of your services into tomorrow’s solutions by leveraging your internal teams and involving external resources.
  3. Lead creation of a new, data-driven environment and building of organization, with minimal disturbance to your business operations.